2022 Cot to remove & replace concrete is at $10 sqft, around a pool add additional $5

We simply fix the cracks with cement.  if in an important position, can place a basket weave material over. (see foundation)   We power wash the concrete with chemicals.  Then use 2 coat epoxy concrete paint.

The paint manufactory warranty is 5 years. 

Currently we do not stencil.  Stencil doesn't last for very long and is incredibly hard to repair when damage.  

We do add 10% Sciclone sand to help provide a non slip surface. 



Cost to replace your deck these days, you would have to take out a 2nd Morgage.  When its easer and cost effective to replace a few boards, and power wash & sand, give a top of line paint over.  

Manufactory provides a 5 year warranty

Garage Doors & Siding

IF you have your asphalt sealers at your home, you know somehow how they can get it your garage, or the house.  Stuff doesn't come off.   


This is listed in the concrete section, but best to do a clear coat, if you your unable to afford a full paint job repair.